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Web Accessibility

Stirling Court Hotel - Website Accessibility Statement

The Stirling Court Hotel at the University of Stirling endeavours to make its website as accessible as possible to all users.

Links and Navigation

Many links have title attributes that describe the link in greater detail. Links are written to make sense when read out of context. Link text is never duplicated. Two links with the same link text always point to the same web address. All links can be followed in any browser.

Visual Design and Viewing Options

All pages on this site use cascading style sheets and tables for visual layout. You can change the font size and colour contrast via your Internet Browser. For example, you can change text size in Internet Explorer by going to 'View > Text Size'.

Graphics, Pictures and Images

Where we have used graphics, pictures and images, we have included text descriptions ('Alt-Tags'), to comply with internationally recognised Web accessibility guidelines. All graphical navigation buttons are similarly 'Alt-tagged'. Where graphical images are just for decoration they have NULL alt text (alt="").


We have not used frames throughout this site.

Navigating away from the website

Website links take you to other parts of the website and other websites outside Stirling Court Hotel which may not be as accessible.

Customer Reviews

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