About Stirling Court Hotel

Invested in upholding the values and standards that have driven the University since it was founded by Royal Charter in 1967, our aim is to ensure that we deliver our promise of excellence to each and every customer, delegate and guest.

Stirling Court Hotel is owned and operated by the University of Stirling.  

The aim of Stirling Court Hotel is to generate commercial revenues and surpluses which can be reinvested back into the University and the overall student experience.

Our brand is built on the vision, mission and positioning of the business.


To enhance the student experience for current and future generations and the institutional reputation by maximising the potential of our commercial portfolio.


Stirling Court Hotel will generate profits from the unique collection of accommodation, events and conference services and facilities to be reinvested in the University of Stirling to ensure enhanced student experience for this and future generations.


We feel strongly about the service that we offer and that we get it right for each client.  We will strive to always find a solution to the challenges our clients experience and we commit to deliver.  We will do whatever is possible to deliver the difference through flexibility and adaptability.

We believe in what we do and will communicate it positively.  We will reassure our clients at all stages that we will deliver the best event we can and we will exhibit high standards with every interaction.