Unleashing technological excellence for your next conference event

Whether you require smaller boardroom style event spaces or larger meeting rooms for team gatherings and conferences, our events solutions cater to all scales. Our spaces seamlessly support both in-person and remote participants, making Stirling Court Hotel the ideal location for your hybrid conference event.


Hybrid Meeting Spaces

With the move towards hybrid accelerated by Covid, our dedicated events team have taken this in their stride, ensuring our hybrid meeting rooms and conference suites provide the very in best video conferencing experiences. 

Our team has developed a core hybrid conference package that offers the best of in-person and hybrid events. Our in-house Hybrid Package ensures your event guests enjoy all the benefits of a face-to-face meeting, balanced with advanced technological solutions that enable remote workers and delegates to be included. Thanks to our portable hybrid AV units, any of our conference and events suites can now be used to host your event, offering a fantastic variety of spaces to suit your needs. Click here to find out more information about our different conference spaces.

How does a hybrid meeting work?

The most successful hybrid meeting spaces allow all attendees to collaborate and share content as if they were all in the same room. Our innovative hybrid conference software offers two powerful solutions. The first hybrid meeting setup is through a large single screen or a multiple-screen setup. Both options allow in-person attendees to see everyone in the meeting. 

We have large 85” and above Samsung 4K displays which display your presentation vividly to everyone in the room. These screens also have an all-in-one videobar with camera and microphone attached to provide small to medium group hybrid conferencing. No more huddling around a laptop’s webcam when meeting with someone remotely, our systems let the conversation flow naturally. 

Our larger conference spaces are where the hybrid tech really shines. We have dual 4K screens in these rooms with ceiling mounted repeater screens as necessary. We have high quality Sennheiser Speechline Microphones meaning that we’re equipped for all style of events; lectures, Q&As, panels. Each of the larger spaces has two cameras and microphones to provide high quality hybrid event capability. The cameras are easily controlled by a digital touchscreen and views can be switched quickly to provide presenter and audience facing views. The microphone technology provides almost full room coverage, so any audience questions or roving presenters can still be heard clearly at the far end. Plus, our venue’s fast, free and reliable WiFi network makes it easy for conference and events delegates to join Q&A sessions via web-based solutions.

Understanding your requirements for delivering hybrid events is a key priority for our experienced events team and we’re on hand with helpful advice to ensure your event space ticks all the boxes.

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